GoPro Hero5 – Best Features

If you have not checked out the ultra portable, high-resolution, motion-sensitive GoPro Hero5 cameras yet, you have been missing something cool. Users are finding new uses for these devices that were completely unthinkable with traditional cameras or camcorders.

The latest GoPro line in development is the GoPro Hero5 series. Even the entry level Hero5 may surpass the mid and entry level Hero4 by leaps and bounds regarding both camera resolution and external features. Current rumors suggest that the flagship model may even have a resolution of 8K, something completely unheard of until now. These cameras are still far from being in anyone’s hands as GoPro recently postponed their release date further into 2016.

While most enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for more news about the Hero5, the features of the current generation of Hero4 are nothing to scoff at. They can handle all your needs. Recording your child’s first time in the pool or your pet dog retrieving a ball from a lake, its applications for fun and entertaining home videos is unparalleled. At the same time, professional athletes use it to record their performance from a first person perspective, or scientists attach them to balloons and rockets to record footage from the edge of space.

If you already have a GoPro and need to know how to get the most out of its amazing recording capabilities, read on. Once you get the hang of the most basic features like handling the lens and changing the camera modes, you can move on to the real work of shooting with your GoPro camcorder. Do not expect to get the high-quality videos you see on the web on your first attempt. Learning to use a camera takes time and practice, even more so with a GoPro. You will need to learn to use the various wide angle modes to your advantage, experiment with the quality settings and above all, learn which angles work best for which shot. Here are a few general tips to help you get started.

*Pick a Good Mount-Get a mount that will suit your needs. There are hundreds of mounts available that allow various degrees of movement and angles for your GoPro. A tripod with feet that can be bent will go a long way for general videos, but if you plan to grab videos while on a bike, you will need a helmet mount or a helmet with one. Mounts for putting the camera on your chest or arms are also available.

*Alter The Angles-The angle of the camera drastically affects the end-result. Experiment with a few creative angles coupled with the field of view settings for an extra impact.

*Plan, or Don’t- Depending on what you are shooting, you can plan out a story for your video. On the other hand, if you just want to catch the spills, don’t plan to make things happen. Position your camera so that it can catch the right moments as they unfold.

*Lenses and Filters-As with all optical instruments, it is vital to keep the lens clean. If you take your GoPro out on the dirt track frequently, you should consider an enclosure or lens covers. Real filters can also help get dramatic colors. Neutral filters can help cut off excessive light and red filters work great for water shots. Post processing filters can help you achieve a cool effect, but real filters can improve the raw footage.

Play around with your camera, and you will soon start thinking about new and creative ways to use it. Just remember to keep your batteries charged and ready.